Wifi Ap Point

Hello there everyone! First post here so sorry if I I’m a noob

I would like to create a dedicated Wifi AP for smart device on my rapsberry.
It should allow to hide smart device from the personal wifi (guests, childrens…) but also to have better control smart device to cloud services.

It should be possible but I don’t find any guide for this.
I could see some solutions but I’m not able to validate one :

  • Add a SSh module and add thanks to apk, packages to create it. Would it be kept and upgraded during update process ?
  • Add a SSh module (frenck one for example) and add package on SSH module configuration. How I will be able to configure it.
  • reinstall homeAssistant with the manual way. Configure the Wifi AP directly on the OS.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

The Pi is designed with a Wi-Fi radio to be a Wi-Fi Client, not an AP You might find some software that allows the radio to be used in an Ad-Hoc AP fashion but, speaking as a Wi-Fi Engineer, I would not expect it to work well.

Many Wi-Fi routers and APs have the ability to define multiple SSIDs and dedicate one or more to guest access. Those designated as guest will only route to external IP addresses.

Here’s an example:


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