WIFI AP RASPAP installation together with HASS.IO possible?

For me it would be useful to install a wifi access point on the raspberry pi, that is already running hass.io. Due the docker installation of hass.io I don’t know if this is possible.

Raspap seems to be a good choice to do this. Any help is welcome.

Hi Skysurfer-14
Did you find any solution for that?
I’m looking for raspberry configuration which allows having home assistant working together with router software and USB modem as one device
Any help appreciated

I just wanna bump this up.

Tbh I was a bit surprised that so far there doesn’t seem to be a proper solution to run a travel-router/wifi-AP like RaspAP alongside home assistant.

For the use case of the raspi and HA in a camper van or on a small boat it makes a lot of sense to have this all in one device.

Of course I can run a pi with HA and another one with RaspAP or just get a travelrouter with sim card, but really MUCH more attractive would be to have RaspAP running on the same pi as HA. Add a USB GSM modem and all you need is there.

Given the power of the pi5 and the few requirements in a camper van or small boat, this would certainly not be a ressource problem.

Since add-ons are basically other tools running in containers, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be possible.

Or, install docker and have HA and RaspAP run both in their own containers? This I could probably manage with the help of GPT, but I think there are some disadvantages to HA when running in a container. no?

Hi Raphael, this topic is no more my interest, but I’ve found this thread: Add-on: Create a Wi-Fi access point with Hass.io Access Point

Maybe it will fit your requirements.

For using Home Assistant in a camper or boat I would use a Odroid N2+, since it seems to be very powerful and energy-efficient. One disadvantage is that the Odroid has no WiFi on board.