Wifi bulbs, is anyone using these? "Element Classic by Sengled - A19 60W Equiv. Soft White (2700K) Smart LED Bulb "

They look like a good value, wondering if anyone is using them with HASS?


I have 8 of them and they work great.
Just reset them after you first get them and then pair with zha
No app needed and they work.

Nice thing about them is they flash when you get reset correct and they
also flash when you pair them.

By far the best bulbs I have used with HA.

Zigbee? Whoops, I thought these were WIFI. Never mind.

I use them with the Nortek dual Zwave/Zigbee stick without any issue but I have the 5000k temperature of the bulbs. We don’t use those 20 yr smoke house color bulbs anymore.

The bulbs are great when you find them on sale. I use them in some lamps and outside lights where people aren’t going to bump the light switches.