Wifi channels scan


As a result of overlapping networks on same channel frequency, I’ve created a docker which runs periodically and publish to mqtt topic the number of networks per channel. It can be used for example to notify if too much netwroks are being detected on your channel.


Can you install this also on same machine where HA is running?
Or will it disconnect the Wifi so you will lost the connection?

I don’t see any issue with running it on the same HA machine.

Thanks. Will it be possible to install it in Portainer inside HA Add-on?

I am not using Portainer and I am not sure what you mean by HA Add-on. The Wifiscan is just a simple docker image. Run it the way you run other dockers.

Note that I have tested it with Raspberry PI 3. It should run on teh different raspberry pi models but I am not sure about other platforms.

How do I enter my mosquito info, IP, user, password?

I didn’t add an option to set user / password. Will try to add it soon. In general parameters can be set via th e-e option when running docker.