Wifi configuration file - Values

Hi All

I’m just getting started and have some questions on the right values for some of the lines in the wifi configuration file please.

If I connect to a network using nmcli the id in the config file created is the same as the file name, which is the same as the SSID. Does the id/file name pair have to match the ssid?

For id= and ssid= - My SSID has spaces and apostrophes in it, so which of the following is correct please?:
ssid=This Isn’t My Network
ssid=“This Isn’t My Network”
Some other way?

Will the fact that my psk starts with an equals sign cause any issues?
(Shouldn’t do I know, but just want to confirm)

What should I put under [ipv6] to disable it for the connection in question?

Many thanks

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