Wifi.connected dalays in v 2023.12.9

I use wifi.connected

to alter the behavior when wifi is not connected,
it’s pure wifi, not api. so whitches keep working if wifi dies.

now since esphome v2023.12.9 I noticed some delay, (updated the 19th of feb and I say this issue 3 times today)

after a wifi outage of 3 to5 sec.
HA-kicks of an automation because it sees the device comming online again.
then this automation triggers a switch.
then this switch has a this condition

        - if:
              - switch.turn_off: Real_Left

and also Real_Left is turned of, which is the else part.
but the device is connected to wifi again, else it would never have accepted the automation from HA.

so I’m wondering why this suddenly is an issue.