Wifi & Ethernet connections

Hello all !
I just installed from scratch (SD image) the last version of HASS OS (2024.5) on a raspberry 3
I used ethernet for the installation and first usage and then from frontend I configured Wifi connection, both connections are enabled, but if I unplug ethernet cable, or disable ethernet interface, event if my wifi is well enabled and connected I cannot connect to HA frontend anymore.
What is strange is when I have only wifi enabled , I can connect only from a screen pluged on my raspberry and a ping on google from the terminal works fine.
So my HA box seems to access correctly to internet but my local network doesn’t access t my HAS box (except if my ethernet interface is active and enabled)…
Could you help me ?

A lot of wifi routers prevent client to client communication.

Did you try by IP address, or only through “homeassistant.local”?

Finally I solved the issue, you have to know that if you want to change the network settings you have to do it through a USB stick as explained here:
Even it seems you can change it through the HASS frontend it is not suffisent, the Wifi configured in the frontend is not set as “primary”


Can you explain further? I can’t find anything in your reference that discusses “primary”.