WiFi Hardware Remote Control with Open API

Hey all,

I’m looking for a hardware remote that can do the following and would be interested in putting a team together to create one if itdoesn’t exist:

Hardware Features

  • Well-weighted remote with nice build quality
  • Fully customizable push buttons
  • Possibly a screen (touch or used in conjunction with side buttons)
  • Microphone that can be integrated with Google Assistant or Alexa
  • WiFi connectivity

Software Features

  • Totally open API that allows integration into Home Assistant (or other systems) over WiFi with no additional hub or equipment
  • Multi-Zone and Multi-Source capable
  • Ability to create a totally custom interface or use a standard interface that just “works”
  • Interface is built for speed so there is little/no delay when controlling media players

Ideally, the way I see this working is that there would be a component for the remote and all of the buttons would be come accessible to Home Assistant for customization. Since Home Assistant already has solutions for IP/IR controlling media players, I don’t see the need for a middle-man hub, like Harmony. While I love being able to do things from my phone/tablet, at the end of the day, I just want to pick up a reliable hardware remote with dedicated buttons and get going…

What do you all think? Am I asking for too much? Or is this something others in the community would want/use?

Did you ever get anywhere with this?

After posting here and on Reddit, there really wasn’t any big demand for it, so I didn’t pursue it. I still think it’s totally needed…but maybe it’s just me!

And me. For remotes, physical buttons are better than virtual buttons.

@mazarian I don’t think the hardware and software features are that realistic, but for a start I found a tuya wifi remote that has to be hacked but would be a great starting point.
The remote is from the netherlandish Store Chain Action and is called LSC Smart Connect Remote

Unfortunately the remote doesn’t use an esp-12/esp8266 like other tuya devices. Instead it uses a RTL8710BN and a tuya specific tuyamcu which handles the buttons and starts the RTL8710BN to send the message to the network.