Wifi interface for Panasonic airconditioning (drop-in DNSK-P11 replacement)

A little while back I came across this great github repo. It’s a custom esphome.io component for a esp32 or esp8266 based airconditioning Wifi interface. A great way to get those damn things off the Cloud and into Home Assistant locally. The Panasonic app and failing cloud service had been bothering me for a while now.

While his component is not perfect (yet), it is really close to getting these units successfully and permanently of the cloud. The component does not expose all features of the original Panasonic integration and some features are exposed in separate sensors and switches, but it is a great component anyway. I will be making some recommendations for further optimising the component where I can, and I am quit sure that Dominik is still actively developing it.

The only thing missing was a drop-in hardware replacement for the original Panasonic DNSK-P11 Wifi-interface so Paul and I started measuring and fiddling around until we came up with this design:

It’s based on the ESP32. No soldering or cutting wires required. Take the original module out, drop the new one in, attach the original cable and off you go :slight_smile:

I still have a few left. There are no commercial intentions, I just needed 2 pcs myself but I had to order 20 pcs assembled and I do not plan to order any further batches.

You can read the full article here. www.espthings.io/p11

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There are only 2 left.

Have you sold the last two?
After last update comfort cloud with panasonic-cc could not be used any more with error unauthorized.
Home Assistant 2022.9.0
Supervisor 2022.08.6
Operating System 8.5

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We have a new batch. Check ESPHome Panasonic Climate WiFi interface - espthings.io

Thanks, left an order on the contact form :slightly_smiling_face: