WiFi interrupted every hour for 15 minutes

I use the “D1 mini pro based esp8266EX with external Antenna”
I use it with external antenna connection is 41dB why do I have connection error on off every hour for 15 min.
see the Log Homeassistant.

Are you using MQTT for integrating or the HA API? And if it is MQTT, did you remove the default api line from the yaml? The ESP reboots regularly if it has the api configured but cannot connect to it. It might be those periodical reboots are what you are seeing. (you can also disable the reboot behavior, but if you do not use the api, there’s no need to have it either).

EDIT: Although, reading again, rebooting is not 15 mins each hour, but once per 15 minutes . Could it be something creating interference periodically? Because15 minutes on end is weird.

It may be a combination of ESP stalling due to memory leaks, API not responding because of it, and then the API reboot fixing it. Maybe show us your yaml?

It could be your ESP,HA or even your router. Show your ESP YAML and the logs from the ESP to see if anything happens just before the connection error.

Check this article: Frequently Asked Questions — ESPHome