Wifi LED Strips available in Austria (EU) with HA support (Tasmota / WLED)?


I want to start with this LED Strip thingy :wink: and be curious where I can source good LED strips for indoor ( and outdoor) usage which I can integrate into HA using Tasmota or WLED.
I do not want to add another protocol like ZigBee or Z-Wave to my house, so would be great if Wifi is an option.
The LEDs should be dimmable, and I am fine with white / sunlight white ones for the start, but using RGB later on.

I have a Shelly RGB2 at home already, for testing, so if you can name some brands which work well with the Shelly RGB2 - this is fine.
But if there are good products out there which I can flash with Tasmota or WLED - and have an “all in one” solution I would like it even more :smiley: because I would overcome the issue to source power supplies etc

Important for me is the option to get it quite easy in Austria (EU), which includes Amazon.de, Bauhaus.at, Hornbach.at or any other store that ships to Austria without enormous shipping fees.
Aliexpress would be an option too, for later and when I start doing more tinkering, which I normally like :wink: but right now I would like to get started instead of waiting and running into issues with AliExpress quality :wink:

Any tipps are appreciated to get into the LED control mood and show off some progress to the family and friends :wink:


Hi Herbert,

I bought this All-in-One Set - WLAN Pixel Controller RGBW Premium Starterkit (WLED)
This is very much Plug&Play. WLED is preinstalled on the ESP8266 controller, but it is not that cheap.

Thanks, this is really prizy :smiley:
But I learned at least one thing, and I assume that they have chosen the LED Strip BTF-Lighting Pixelstrip SK6812 for a reason :smiley:

So I take this solution into account, even though it looks very hackish :wink: would have liked a more all-in-one approach instead of having several boxes :wink: butting everything in “one” box with LED out and Power in - would be nice. But this could be solved with a 3D printer at the end.

Anyhow, seems that the BTF-Lighting Pixelstrips are a good choice at least for LED Strips, if we can rely on the companies quality standards :wink:

Still open for other suggestions, LED Strips, Tasmota / WLED compatible controllers which I can source from Austria (EU) quite easily.

And I also found this video, pointing me to the same direction :wink: with the LED Strips, so seems a good starting point


Hey @h3rb3rt,

just look around the shop from the link of @fuze1 - we also sell the WiFi Pixel Controller stand-alone. We are officially registered in Austria to sell electornic there (WEEE).

So maybe the our controller fit’s your bill. In the meantime it got upgraded to an ESP32 but read the products page: WLAN Pixel Controller (WLED) | cod.m Shop (maybe has to be marked as advertisement - own shop, no affiliate)

Ping me if you need.