Wifi logger card abb vsn300 modbus

I have enabled a TCP Client on my WiFi VSN300 wifi logger card that runs on ABB Solar Inverter(Trio) . As far as I understand its supposed to run on SunSpec but no matter what config I try it still doesn’t want to connect to the card. Has anyone in this community have any experience with SunSpec or ABB?

This is now resolved. The solution was in the UNITID which in HA MODBUS plugin translates to Slave parameter. In configuration you need to provide connections params as follows.

  - type: tcp
    port: 502
    name: abb

In sensors you need to add a sensor with proper slave id . example :

        name: abb-fgrid-hertz
        hub: abb
        register: 86
        slave: 247
        scale: 0.01
        precision: 1
        data_type: int
        unit_of_measurement: "Hz"

This will allow to access 0x003 function and read holding registers. Would be good to get specifications for the ABB inverters to write up a nice card