WiFi motion sensor

I’m looking for a good wifi motion sensor for lighting?

Any recommendations?


I’m using shelly devices (Motion 1) for this purpose. They report the motion in about 0,5 seconds (maybe a little bit slower) and last about 6 months with one charge which is ok in my opinion.
The only thing i dislike is the blind time, it is at least 60 seconds, this could be a lot shorter.
There is a new design of mine available, look here:

I know you specifically said Wifi - but I can’t resist :slight_smile:
I’ve been using Hue Motion sensors for more than 4 years now and they are absolutely flawless.
2xAA Batteries last around 2 years, but…they are zigbee.

Small added benefit: The Hues also measure and transmit temperature and send their batterie status.


Thanks for the replies.

I dont mind hard wired. 240VAC.