Wifi on HAOS 10, X86 (Intel)

I’ve just installed the latest version of HAOS but, as the aim is to keep my device running as a server with low power consumption, don’t want to use the Powerline adaptor to which it’s currently connected. When I unplug the Ethernet cable I lose the connection. When connected again, my HAOS server (a Geekom MiniAir 11) doesn’t show the eth0 and wlan0 tabs under System / Network, so presumably has only detected the wired Ethernet card. Online sources tell me my wireless card is Intel Wireless 7265.

I have a little experience of Linux but, even after login directly on the Geekom, I’m in the dark as HAOS doesn’t recognise basic commands such as sudo. All the methods of setting up wireless described online seem to be from years ago and involve starting from scratch.

Any ideas as to how I can install a driver for this card (if that’s what’s needed)? How and where would I then enter the authentication details for WPA2 on my router?

EDIT: Found something more online that advised using nmcli device wifi scan, which gave an error. Changing this to nmcli device wifi rescan gave “No wifi device found”.


HA OS is an appliance, it is not easy to install extra drivers on it (and on the next update it would be gone again)

Here you enter your WPA2 credentials

settings → system → network


But if your driver is not included in HA OS, you are out of luck.

Use wired connections for servers.

Thanks. I think the chipset is likely to be a common one but the PC/server evidently isn’t seeing it at the moment. All I get under Configure Network Interfaces is the attached - no tabs.