Wifi or zigbee chime

Hi all.

I use a zigbee door sensor connected to a brass push button.

Until recently I used this to trigger an alert to a few google speakers, but of late this has become a little unreliable.

Is there a wifi or zigbee chime available on the market that’s easy to integrate?

I could diy but that’s a last resort.

I have the same setup. I used an old Aqara hub that I was given, as it can play a doorbell sound with a service call. If you want to go crazy it can also do dog barks, sirens, etc., or you can upload your own sounds.

If the sound can come from the HA machine, the VLC add-on can play audio files. When I tried going down this path I spent way too much time trying to find a doorbell sound that didn’t suck.

Oh, I might still have my old aqara hub somewhere!

That’s not a bad idea.