Wifi Plug or RF controlled plug?

I’m looking at purchasing a smart plug to be controlled by HA that will regulate a heater within my lounge. Trying to figure out which would be the best way to go, getting a wifi plug like a Sonoff and flash with Tasmota or simply getting a RF controlled plug (and controlling in HA using a Sonoff RF Bridge)

I’m sure people have attempted this before so before I go down a path I want to hear what other people’s experiences are with them, which is more reliable/quick etc.

(fyi the Sonoff RF Bridge wont be exclusively used for this plug)

Will the heater switch on when power is switched on or do you need to press a button on the heater?
I’m a fan of wifi smart plugs but I’m sure a rf-bridge would also be a good choice.

The heater will switch on, no need to press any buttons on the heater itself once powered.

I think both solutions will work, but I’ve not really done any of this before… not used HA so I’m hoping people have tried either solution and get tell me if there are any cons with either.

If the RF plug is only receiving code then no go with the Wi-Fi. You will always know if it on or off.
I had a column heater in my bedroom during winter. Had it turning on and off before bed and in the morning.
I saw (here in Oz) Wi-Fi appliance plug that you replace the plug on your appliance with it. Interesting ! Then I thought about it , for 8 month of the year it will be in garage and showing unavailable on my HA. So I thought nope not a good idea.

I have RF plugs, Wifi plugs and Zigbee plugs (Ikea Tradfri). The Rf plugs I would not buy again (I had them before I started with HA). The problem with the RF plugs is they don’t report their status back to HA, Wifi and Zigbee plugs do. And my RF plugs don’t work with the Sonoff Rf Bridge, I had to use a rflink for these.

Got really into RF Switches a few years ago.
After cheap WiFi switches that can be flashed with Tasmota came into my life, I’ll never go back.

Was at the hardware today, 4 pack with remote…Ahhh No Thank you.

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Sorry to reopen this thread.

I am looking for a solution for PLUGS that work with wifi or zigbee AND RF, so I can use them with HA or any voice agent (WiFi or Zigbee) but also using a simple remote or RF switch.

I cannot seem to be able to find any, other than sonoff rfr3, but that is not really a plug…


You could have a wifi plug and a RF gateway.
The RF gateway will receive your RF remote control signal and trigger the plug thanks to a HASS automation.

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Sounds like a good solution… what RF gateway would you propose?

A Sonoff RF Bridge flashed with another firmware.

Thanks! Pretty new here, so I’ll do my homework and reading!


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