Wifi presence detection

Really liking the new Android app, every version you can see it maturing.

I’ve got a feature request of sorts (not much of a coder). Now that we’re entering our home ssid could the app use that to set the device tracker to home once connected?

A lot of users seem to end up trying to have their home notice that they’re home, but the app could turn this around and let the phone tell the house.


nmap tracker, snmp or one of the available router solutions would do this without you even needing the application installed. Why not use one of those?


Shouldn’t you have static ip for every phone in nmap tracker?

But it already has that feature.

Yes, static IPs are necessary.

Thanks for the ideas guys.

SNMP is a good solution if your router supports it. Many, including mine, do not.

Nmap is the kind of thing I’m trying to avoid. It inherintly needs to scan out to find my phone, rather than my phone telling HA that I’m home. This has some built in latency (scan interval) and is going across my network constantly.

If the app could notice it’s connected to my home network it could make a single call out to HA to let it know that I’m home (optionally multiple SSIDs could be added, another for work as an example)

This would get rid of network interference and scanning intervals. It would also eliminate the Nmap setup step. Beginner users need do nothing but install the app and let it know what it’s home SSID is.


If you’re using Android, you can do this with Tasker to tigger a Home-Assistant action on wifi connect (or disconnect)

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Find and find3 look really cool. How do they integrate with HA?

The docs mention that it does, but I don’t understand how.

It was using mqtt or API.

Can’t remember. Ultimately indoor presence detection doesn’t interest me for home. Commercial/business it has many uses but…

I did test FIND (and it work very well

Now that the app s creating a wifi sensor I think I can just have an automation call the device tracker see service when we connect to home wifi.

Not sure what device tracker to use though…

I have the WiFi sensor in a bayesian sensor with GPS and bluetooth all rolled into one, It’s working perfectly

- platform: bayesian
  prior: 0.6
  name: Dad Presence
  device_class: 'presence'
  probability_threshold: 0.9
  - entity_id: 'device_tracker.sm_g975f'
    prob_given_true: 0.9
    prob_given_false: 0.4
    platform: 'state'
    to_state: 'home'
  - entity_id: 'device_tracker.galaxy_s10'
    prob_given_true: 0.9
    prob_given_false: 0.2
    platform: 'state'
    to_state: 'home'
  - entity_id: 'sensor.wifi_connection'
    prob_given_true: 0.9
    prob_given_false: 0.2
    platform: 'state'
    to_state: 'Pool area'

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing!

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Doesn’t this just state that if the sensor.wifi_connection is true (eg. any wifi at all)
then it will think you are home? or in this case, in the pool area?

What if I have a specific SSID I want to check?

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The wifi sensor on the app does send signal level. Can this be used for room presence detection. I’ve noticed that the signal level is not updated consistently. I have to hard close the app and re-open it for the values to update.
But I have taken the signal levels in all the rooms in my house and they are varied enough to use it for room-presence detection.
Granted, you’ll need to carry your phone around the house for it to work, but I think most people do have on them most of the time.