WiFi RTT 802.11mc

Google has finally released the ability to use wifi round trip time to show your distance from an access point within 1 meter of accuracy. This would be an amazing addition to home assistant.

EDIT: I also just found this on github

That’s an android app so the addition would need to be to the mobile app. Also without 3 access points it wouldn’t be very useful as it couldn’t triangulate your position. I just had a play with the app. I only have two a access points though.

Yea I figured you would need 3 ap’s I grabbed a 3 pack of the Google WiFi routers. I plan to get another 3 pack later to increase accuracy but I think I’ll hold off on doing that until it’s available to be used with home assistant in some way.

you could create your own app and send data to home assistant via mqtt

Not really in my wheelhouse unfortunately. I have all the hardware needed. Multiple pixel phones varying generations. 6 Google wifi routers. If anyone wants to give it a go I’d be more than happy to test it.