WiFi sensor Tuya Pir to ESPhome

Has anyone tried hacking into an esphome?
WiFi sensor Tuya Pir
model: YPI21
mcu: TYWE3S

Features of the original brand:

  • battery status
  • tamper button
  • red led (charging, boot)
  • blue led (motion active blue light blinking)
  • pir sensor
  • reset button


Here is some details on the chip:

Any news?

i found that this sensor communicates using uart. But tuya component can’t read any datapoint

this shit really needs to be an ISO standard. Im over the amount of devices bought that are now just door stops.

Minor update:
If I connect the uart directly to the new esp8266
esp8266 will have tasmota
So the console in tasmote according to the instructions:


09:30:29.733 TYA: MCU Product ID: {"p":"ftuw9zlgix5dtseq","v":"1.0.0"}
09:30:29.801 TYA: Set WiFi LED 4 (0)
09:30:29.981 TYA: Send "55aa000200010406"
09:30:29.987 {"TuyaReceived":{"Data":"55AA000200010406","Cmnd":2,"CmndData":"04"}}
09:30:30.983 {"TuyaReceived":{"Data":"55AA0002000001","Cmnd":2}}
09:30:31.138 {"TuyaReceived":{"Data":"55AA0002000001","Cmnd":2}}
09:30:31.384 {"TuyaReceived":{"Data":"55AA0002000001","Cmnd":2}}
09:30:31.797 {"TuyaReceived":{"Data":"55AA0006000005","Cmnd":6}}
09:30:32.159 {"TuyaReceived":{"Data":"55AA000800140117030D091E1C01040001000402000400000050E6","Cmnd":8,"CmndData":"0117030D091E1C01040001000402000400000050"}}

I guess:

Cmnd 2: Pir
Cmnd 6: Battery
Cmnd 8: Tamper

is there any possibility to capture it in the home assistant?
Or read uart in esphome?

I have no experience with tasmota. This is my first flashing.