Wifi sensors

I had an idea that I was going to use the wifi sensor with. But looking at the data is rather confusing.

It says not connected (true) but I still have and IP?
And the wifi is off (also true) but link speed and signal strength is reported (falsely I assume)

Frequency seems correct though.

Is this some error on my side or is this what others see also?
I’m on beta-580-5ee48f2-full

I believe sensors are updated when they change. Your wifi_state shows “off” correctly, because it changed to “off”, but the IP addresss will not change until you get a new one. Similarly speed and signal strength will not change until there are new values.

But surely the speed and signal can’t be that static all the time.
The wifi toggles off when I leave home but as you can see from the frequency it has been on about 50% of the time.

I just looked at one of our tablets and that looks better.

Must be something wrong with my phone/app.

The data is whatever the Android Api sends