Wifi setup with Hass.io on NUC?

I’m trying to get Hass io running on an old Intel NUC I happen to have. I’ve got Hass io installed and it’s working with a wired LAN connection, but I’d like to get it working on WiFi and I can’t get the instructions on the Hass io website to work. I created the USB stick but it’s either not importing the data automatically or what I put in the file isn’t correct but I can’t tell which. I’m not particularly familiar with Linux, but I’ve got some basic knowledge.

The NUC is a 2013 era model DCCP847DYE.

Can anyone point me to a blog or website that spells out the process in more detail than https://github.com/home-assistant/hassos/blob/60e4d1a3cd7476de44a80dc7e782f042f1c3aaef/Documentation/network.md ? Or is there an add-in that supports configuring the WiFi stuff?


Can someone at least confirm that they’ve used the wifi on a NUC installation?

Hello, are you loading HA on a VM software?

I really strongly suggest you avoid wifi, you don’t need that point of failure on your home automation system. However sometimes needs must :slight_smile:

How did you install hassio? Via hassos? or a base OS with hassio added?

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For the love of baby Jesus, please don’t use WiFi.

I recall, vaguely, that certain types of NUC’s need a firmware/BIOS update for their WiFi to work properly…

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There is a nice workaround for the USB Stick method on Hassio:

I used it myself to configure things like VLAND and WIFI:

It’s a direct installation, not a VM.

It’s hassos.

It will probably not remain as a WiFi installation long term, it’s more of a temporary thing until I figure out how to get wired Ethernet to the area I need it. I’m thinking I’ll have to do an Ethernet-over-Coax sort of thing (currently looking at DECA adapters), but it’s still up in the air.

Doing a BIOS update’s probably not a bad idea in any case. It’s an old computer. Thanks for the reminder!

Excellent links! They look like they may be exactly what I hoped for. I’ll give them a try later today to see how it goes and let you know.

Thank you!

Well, I updated my BIOS and installed the SSH/Terminal addon. It doesn’t look like there are any WiFi devices detected so presumably the right drivers aren’t installed in HassOS for my version of NUC.

My Ethernet-over-Coax adapters are showing up today so I can probably bypass the WiFi issue. But
I’m trying to decide if installing a full blown Linux would be a good idea. I had hoped I wouldn’t need to get too deep on the Linux stuff for the Home Assistant server.

Thanks for the help everyone!

You can still have hassio using ubuntu as your base OS.

Did you ever get this working?

I am facing the same battle. I am using the Intel NUC installation on an HP t620 ThinClient. When I install Ubuntu 20.04 - the WiFi and the Bluetooth work “out of the box” after installation.

When I boot Hass.io – The nmcli radio command shows there - but it is not.


Sorry, I never did. I avoided the issue by hardwiring Ethernet to it using DECA adapters. Good luck!

Just in case anyone else is looking for this answer

Run Commands listed below on the cli or do over the webpage
OTA install
Firstly install the SSH addon “Advanced SSH & Web Terminal”
Go into the configuration and make sure you set just a hardcoded password in the password field.

username: hassio
sftp: false

Not sure if you need protection mode off or not to run the command but you can change it later.

open terminal and run the command with your details replacing the SSID and the password

nmcli device wifi connect “SSID” password “PASSWORD”

after I ran this I was able to use the Wi-Fi alongside the ethernet and confirmed the IP allocation with

hope this helps