Wifi slower than it should be

I just migrated from a Raspi 4 to an Acemagic S1 (x86, Intel N97). It has two ethernet ports (Gigabit) and Wifi6. I connected using Wifi6 assuming it would be faster than the ethernet port but fast.com comes out at just 140Mbit/s tops. It should be much faster than that (and before anyone asks, my router does have wifi6 and it works fine with other devices, where I get 1.8Gbit/s easily. Router and HA machine are a few cm appart).

Is there a way to make it use wifi 6 properly ? Alternatively, is there a way to use both ethernet ports in conjunction, so I can have 2Gbit/s ?

Why the need for those speeds? 1Gbit should be more than enough, and use cable it’s always more reliable than wifi. Wifi speeds advertised are best case scenarios and most of the time it’s not what you get in the real world.

With two teamed network cards you would get 1+1 Gbit not 2Gbit.

Because I’m using it as a seedbox and NAS

Even more reason to use a cable, not wifi.

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