Wifi Speaker suggestions? (no Google, Amazon, or Sonos)

I’m looking for a simple bathroom speaker to play music off of when I’m showering. I have a tablet in there to control things. I’m thinking of adding the Spotify integration and playing it to a speaker.

I don’t want to use a Google Mini or an Amazon device since my Home Assistant isn’t externally accessible from outside of my network.

On the Spotify integration, it says Sonos isn’t supported so I’m looking for some suggestions. I found another thread where someone is using a Jam Symphony. Would this work with my plans and/or does anyone have any other suggestions for what I’m trying to do?

Thank you very much for reading this!

Sounds like all you’ve left is a Bluetooth. Unless you don’t want apple either.

Or build your own with a pi with amp and Volumio

Denon Heos speakers work very well with HA.

JBL has one speaker with bluetooth and wifi (with cast options). Its also waterproof and decent sound (way better then google mini). I use it everywhere with and without HA.

DIY like Turn an ESP8266 WemosD1Mini into an audio notifier for Home Assistant: Play MP3, TTS & RTTL or the plethora of esp32 audio kits coming out.

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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Might be a dumb question but how do you integrate your JBL Wifi speaker to HA? Is there an integration or HACS? What control options can you use with your JBL speaker in HA (play, pause, next/previous track, volume etc.)?

Also interested in how you connect the JBL wi-fi speaker to HA.

it’s the casting (google) option that came with it. Thats the requirement which probably not all jbl have.