WiFi Temp & Humidity Sensor

I need to place a wifi temp & humidity sensor in a small building in my back garden and I have nothing that far that zigbeen can reach so it has to be wifi (and mains powered is fine also)
It needs to be able to talk to HA ofc.

The only thing I have found that matches that is the sonoff switch? https://www.amazon.co.uk/TH16-Temperature-Humidity-Wireless-Appliances/dp/B07Q2S1VNW/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=wifi+temp+and+humidity+sensor&qid=1586685732&sr=8-6

Do these talk to HA with out of the box integrations or they need FW flashed?

Any suggestions?

Are you into DIY?

It’s very easy to use ESPHome to connect any number of sensors to a cheap wifi nodeMCU board. You can build the whole thing for less than $10 and configure it with YAML.

No programming skills required.

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I would play around with that usually but I need something ASAP that is basically plug and play.
Anyone know if the Sonoff TH16 is compatible with EweLink integration? I have that up and running for another generic wifi switch so that would be perfect.

I honestly believe you can set that up in about the same time as a pre built thing.
You still need the configuration in Home Assistant and/or in the app.

Probably not as fast, I just need to drop new IP in my config.yaml for the ewelink integration and it seems like it does support the TH16 GitHub - peterbuga/HASS-sonoff-ewelink: Home Assistant component to control Sonoff/eWeLink devices with original firmware
Once I get the time to mess around with it I will flash the tasmota FW or just play around with the ESP stuff

Maybe have a closer look at Shelly H&T. I do not have experience with this device but other Shelly devices integrate easily with HA via local API and Stock firmware afaik.
Mine are flashed with Tasmota.

Yeah shellies stock fw can use mqtt and/or a web api to easily integrate with ha (no cloud required).

They can take a while to ship though.