Wifi Thermostat and radiator valves with no cloud dependency

I’m searching thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves. Key features i’m looking for are

  • should be wireless
  • exposes a public api
  • should work locally

I’ve searched a bit. few have public api, and almost all of them force you to use their f* remote cloud.
Are you aware of products that fulfills all the above requirements?

I’d highly recommend looking for products that support z-wave. That will ensure that you’re running it locally and that it will not have a cloud component. It does mean that you’ll need to buy a z-wave controller, but otherwise seems to fit your requirements.

i’m fairly new, so forgive my ignorance.
i got the impression z-wave and zigbee stuff all rely on their gateway… is talking to z-wave hardware easy as talking with a web service endpoint?

Edit: nevermind. I see the whole climate.zwave ha support…

about brand/model any existing product in mind?

As an alternative to z-wave, I use energenie eTRVs and my own mqtt gateway working on energenie’s two way pi-mote

Its been working well for about 18 months now.

My home thermostat is not connected to the system. It sits in the hallway and doesn’t do much other than turn the central heating off if the hall is too warm.

I have seen z-wave central heating controllers that could be controlled from HA to turn the heating on and off, and there is a project on this forum that uses an arduino to switch an existing controller Both of these I want to look in to further, but hasn’t been a priority.


TRANE zwave thermostat

You may diy thermostat as well using esp8266 connected to relays and mqtt
One relay control fan
One relay control ON AC compressor(as needed)
One relay control Heat element (as needed)
DS18b20 for monitor temp
HA automation ON/OFF AC or heat based on temp.

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thanks guys for all the input

@tmjpugh building a thermostat is an itch I need to tame :slight_smile:
after all, how difficoult can it be? it’s just a PiZero-W running a webserver, controlling a relay and a small display… but in practice, it’s a full time project and it will take more time then I expect and can afford

zwave is interesting. i always thought wifi would rule the world eventually.
there is this semplicity of being usable by anyone - no need for special dongles
but maybe i’m wrong. it seems there is much more hw available in zwave

zwave is best as it is 100% local and in home.

linksprite Node R4 is esp8266 with 4 relay = $10 :slight_smile:
if you wanna make wifi device

ciao @ekt ,

did you found any solution at the end?

For valves I was keen to using Danfoss lc 13. Zwave so no cloud, compared to all the others on the market they are the least ugly. Bought one to test but never proceeded to install on all radiators (moving to a new house soon)

For the thermostat, I’ve bought a BEOK BOT 313W. Has it’s cloud but there is promising HA integration which should work local. Haven’t tested it yet

Same needs, but for underfloor heating.