Wifi upgrade triggering stability issues

I use a bunch of Shelly wifi modules of various types across two buildings on my site. The two buildings are joined by a Ubiquiti wifi point to point link with a separate AP in each building that present the same wifi network with the same SSID in each. A single HA install drives them all.

The main building had a FritzBox 7490 which had been there for years and was getting quite sluggish. All the Shelly modules in that building have been reasonably stable since the HA was set up with the exception of the one module (Shelly1) that was furthest from the FritzBox which had signal strength of around -74db and would drop off the network from time to time.

I’ve just upgraded the FritzBox to a new 7590 AX - and uploaded a settings file from the old 7490 which it accepted and had virtually everything up and working “out of the box”. The Shelly modules in that building all needed a few power cycles to get them back up - but all were working within a half hour or so of installing the new router. Signal strength to each module however remained virtually unchanged.

Now however, all the Shelly modules in the main building (but none of them in the second building) are routinely dropping off the network and requiring many power cycles (up to 5 or 6) to get them back on-line. The 7590 provides DHCP to both buildings, with a cheap generic wireless AP in the second building running in bridge mode. Given that it is only the Shelly modules that connect directly to the 7590 by wifi that are affected, I’m working on the assumption that there must be a difference between how the 7490 and 7590 communicate on wifi that Shelly doesn’t like. I can’t find anything that seems relevant in the 7590 firmware and am quite disheartened that a relatively expensive upgrade has actually made things worse.

Does anyone have any experience of the FritzBox vs Shelly battle that can shed any light on what may need to be changed to make the connection between them more stable?

Many thanks in anticipation.


Not really deep on your issue, but just a suggestion…

If I will be in this situation, I will use Fritz!Box repeaters as accespoints, capable of building a WiFi MESH network on your whole property. And if possible, the AP’s having a cable connection to the router.

This way i do operate here my whole network (1 Fritz modem/router and two wired Fritz repeater creating one MESH).

This setup so stable, i have no one dropout ever…

Thanks for the suggestion - but I have no confidence it is actually a signal strength issue.

Modules that are close to the 7590 and have almost perfect signal are still dropping off the 7590 connection when they used to be rock solid on the 7490 connection with the same signal strength. I am wondering if the 7490 had a “keep alive” heart beat that is no longer present in the 7590 - or something like that. There is nothing in the firmware of either device I can see that mentions anything though - so I am just clutching at straws.