Will Aqara sensors pair with Eero Pro 6 as a Zigbee Hub?

Does anyone know if Aqara sensors (the motion sensor in particular) can operate using an Eero Pro 6 as the Zigbee hub? I’m starting to put together more automations using motion sensors and the lower cost of the Aqara one (compared to say the Philips Hue) is really enticing. Just want to know if I need to buy an Aqara hub or if I can just use the Eero.


I use a Sonoff Zigbee Bridge running Tasmota, and the Aqara motion/occupancy sensors (the little round cylinders) paired easily with it. They’re Zigbee, and really don’t mind connecting to other hubs.

Just out of curiosity, did you end up going this route and pairing your aqara with the Eero. I’m in the same boat as you thinking I want to get some aqara but I’m not certain it will pair with my Eero.

I have a zigbee Aqara thermometer that I was able to connect to Alexa directly with the zigbee hub included in my eero routers. The problem is that it disconnect everytime after a while.
I have bought at the same time a zigbee Sonoff thermomer, that is still working perfectly.
I’m in contact with Aqara technical support and it’s seams to be a mystery for them that I’m able to connect this device directly without an Aqara hub.

Hi @Foxpyx / Eric - did you have to do some special steps to get Alexa app’s add Aqara Theremometer to Eero included zigbee hub process to work? I’m trying that process using Aqara Water Leak Detector sold for a desirable price on amazon and the Alexa app’s successfully putting Eero hub in discovery mode, signified by blue light on device, but never ends up finding and adding the Aqara Water Leak Detector. Seems there must be some step needed to get the Aqara Water Leak Detector to be put into “discover me” mode but with there being no interfaces on it i have no idea how to do that.

TL;DR I trusted the folks telling ZigBee is compatible with everything. Waisted money and lots of time just to find out it is a unreliable time grave. Ditched all ZigBee hardware and switched to WiFi (esphome) and suddenly everything became reliable.

That’s the theory. As a matter of fact I found out the hard way that this (sadly) is not the whole truth. Many devices offer 100% of the functionality/functions/sensor/data etc only with the official hub. Using other hubs often leads to only a subset of functions/sensor be available.

Welcome to the ZigBee world! The “standard” which allows every manufacture to limit functions - and from what I heard/read matter does repeat - great!

I’ve switched away from the XiaoMi Aqara occupancy sensors to the newer radar-based Athom sensors running ESPHome.