Will Hassbian ever have "add-ons"?

I have the Pi3B+ and so had to install Hassbian rather than Hass-io, at least according to the current official HA website. It works great and I’m having a lot of fun with it. But I love the look and feel of the Hass-io “add-ons” on the interface that Hassbian is missing. I know I can add all that stuff manually, but will there ever be an update to make the Hassbian interface look and feel more like the Hass-io interface? Or, is Hassbian now deprecated by the new Hass-io? In other words, is Hassbian now defunct and no new major updates will be made?

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You can have Hassio:

Hassbian is just a standard installation of the HomeAssistant program, pre-installed on a raspbian OS SD card. All updates to HomeAssistant are always included in Hassbian.

What you are asking is whether HomeAssistant itself will ever have addons. I think that would probably be too big a change to the structure of HomeAssistant, and there isn’t really much need.

Besides, then you would have HomeAssistant addons and Hassio addons, which would lead to even more confusion.

Add-ons are docker containers.

They are orchestrated by the supervisor container in hassio.

Install raspbian/dietpi/whatever

Install docker

Run the hassio installer script.

What you are essentially asking is that someone make hassio, which already exists.

You need to differentiate Home Assistant application from the installation methods.

Home Assistant is written in Python, and released in Python. Hassbian is simply raspbian preconfigured with home assistant already running in python environment. Hassio is a custom ‘suite’ of docker images (Home Assistant running in a customized Home Assistant Docker image, which is still running on Python in the background).

None of that changes Home Assistant itself.



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Pretty buggy. Maybe I’ll try to do it all manually. I want Raspbian w/desktop anyway. My pi is multi-purpose :slight_smile:

Here instruction for manual install

You can always add anything to you device as well with docker containers, I do it all the time. I saw the Sonweb thing (renamed to TasmoAdmin) add-on, never knew about that container which is separate from the HA project it seems. Pretty easy to add that container to my stack and call it day.

I think it installed…

root@hassio:/home/pi# curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/home-assistant/hassio-build/master/install/hassio_install | bash -s – -m MY_MACHINE
[Info] Install supervisor docker
[Info] Install supervisor startup scripts
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/hassio-supervisor.service -> /etc/systemd/system/hassio-supervisor.service.
[Info] Install AppArmor scripts
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/hassio-apparmor.service -> /etc/systemd/system/hassio-apparmor.service.
[Info] Run Hass.io

Then it ended with the command line. Still can’t get to it via browser. Was I supposed to do something else? :slight_smile:

Wait 20 minutes… probable up by now

type “docker ps” in terminal see if you have homeassistant image and if its running