Will I be able to migrate devices from a bricked SmartThings hub


After six years with SmartThings (ST) the last three being a mostly horrid time I am about ready to join all of you in “Gault’s Gulch” as it were. This last ST V2 firmware update bricked my hub and of course the stock answer of “delete all the devices” and “Reset the hub”… again I am about done with Samsung. Unfortunately as the hub is bricked I concerned as I can not exclude devices to pair them again as per the instuctions in these tutorials.

1. Does anyone know if I will be able to pair these devices to Home Assistant without excluding them from ST?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

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Zwave devices can respond to a General Device Exclude from ANY ZWave hub and then joined to a new ZWave network.

Zigbee devices just need to be factory reset before joining.

… You could have waited for my computer keyboard to get cool before already having and answer :slight_smile: THANK YOU! I think that I will procure a Home Assistant system and try this out. Hope to be back to mark this as the solution.

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I moved from smart things earlier this year. Some of my devices couldn’t be excluded from ST but I was still able to reset them and get them onto a full HA system. Good luck on your journey, it’s well worth it!

If the device does not want to exclude, do a factory reset on it, before inclusion.
I had to do this with most my Fibaro devices.

For Fibaro: Hold the magic button remove power (Breaker or unplug or remove battery), add power while holding button til the device is on. Let go, turn off or remove power again.

The device is factory reset and can be included again.