Will JuicePass work with Home assistant?

EnelX is forcing users of the EnelX JuiceBox to switch from JuiceNet to their new JuicePass mobile app. Does anyone know if there will be a way to integrate this with HA? I love my JuiceNet integration now, keeps me from forgetting to plug in and let’s me watch monthly usage in an easy central place.


I have tried to use the “chat link” that came with the email to ask ENELX without success, anyone else has tried ?

I was able to reach someone on their tech support side and was told the API access is not currently available in the new juicepass app. That was disappointing to hear.

I asked him to forward a request to get local network API access in a future build but I highly doubt that will ever happen. He did mentioned they are still working on juicepass and the APIs may come back in the future.

you should check out GitHub - snicker/juicepassproxy: Proxy UDP requests to/from Juicebox EV chargers to MQTT discoverable by Home Assistant