Will last_reported make it to dashboards?

I see that we now have a new state object attribute called last_reported. I have two questions around this. 1) will this new attribute survive a HA restart (We know last_updated, last_changed doesn’t) and 2) will we get to see this available in dashboards as secondary information?


I doubt it. All entities are set to unavailable before they are restored (if they are restored). That would be an update. But… I do not know for sure.

Open a feature request for secondary info to support this new property.

Got it. I was hoping to use this for things like motion & door/window sensors where the actual reported time really matters.

Based on your last comment, I think you’re miss understanding the property. The reported time is the last time the device let HA know what it’s state was whether it changed or not. The only application for this is potentially sniffing out if your sensor stopped responding or if you need to run calculations regardless if the state of the entity changed.

Make sense now. Mainly use for device troubleshooting. That said, is there no way to acutatly track when a device’s sensor value was actually changed?


The issue is that value gets updated on HA restarts and doesn’t acuratly represents when the was entity actually last changed.

Then what you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Last_reported is not it.

That’s exactly the issue that most people were hoping to get fixed. But this change didn’t fix the actual issue.

This property was added for something completely different. Not sure why you’re pointing out that this doesn’t fix what most people want. It’s an unrelated change.