Will migrating my Nest to using a Google Account mess up the HA integration?

Today my wife changed the Nest mode with the iOS app from Heat to Automatic.

I absolutely hate Automatic mode. Something infuriates me when the outside temperature is -12F° and I suddenly feel a cold blast of air cross my forehead. And I go completely ballistic when the heat comes on and it’s 95° outside with 88% R.H. If you’re hot or cold, adjust the thermostat temperature setting. I’d rather you open the window instead of running the equipment in the season’s opposing operating mode.

Automatic mode should be outlawed.

So after suspecting that the Mrs once again turned on Automatic mode, for some reason I tried using the iOS Nest app instead of using HA.

I know that Google has been jerkwads by making third party access to the Nest go bye bye. I guess I’m lucky that I integrated Nest with HA a few years ago, because I can still control my Nest with HA.

Today when I tried opening the Nest app, it’s only giving me the option of signing in with Google. I’m afraid to try this or grant permissions for the prompt “Nest wants to access your Google Account”. If I allow this, will I lose the ability to control the thermostat with HA?

Did you ever end up migrating your nest account? If so does it still work with HA. Was it seemless or did it take a lot of work to get it working again?

I still haven’t migrated.

Pretty sure migrating your Nest Account to a Google Account will revoke your current nest access

Information Source
im sure you will find cases of people doing this in the forums
you should also take time to backup your current Nest API Key because there’s no way of getting a new one and you can reuse it in a fresh install if needed so back it up somewhere safe (dropbox, Google drive etc etc)

the API key can be found in config>.storage>core.config_entries once in this file using Notepadd++ , Vi or Nano depending how you choose to view it scroll down till you see

                "entry_id": "<entry id>",
                "version": 1,
                "domain": "nest",
                "title": "Nest (via configuration.yaml)",
                "data": {
                    "impl_domain": "nest",
                    "tokens": {

its this access token you need

you will also still need the Nest API ID & Nest API PW from your secrets.yaml so back these up too

Regards PATT