Will pinging the Pi fail when the core fails? Or does it just monitor hardware layer?

Hello community !

I have 2 Pi(4)s to separately manage my HVAC and lighting, etc.

I have ping set up to monitor the Pis in case either of them fails (with automations if it fails after a couple of minutes). The only issue I’ve had over the past couple of years running HA is a mere 2 hangs of the HA core.

If I use ping to check each Pi (obviously this is at the hardware level), will it still respond if the core HA has hung? What if it is the OS that fails? That’s really what I am trying to remediate as if a Pi fails that would doubtless be a catastrophic failure at that point.


Ping is hardware not docker/software
Will work as long as networking is up

Probably better to test the web service then.
Maybe a call of a commandline command, could provide a better result.

curl -so /dev/null -w ‘%{response_code}’ http://www.example.org