Will this setup work?

Hi all, I wanted to run this through the community.
I am currently running hass.io in a VM on my QNAP but want to move it out of there for some reason. I have an RPi 2 and was wondering if that would be ok. I have a bunch of Ikea lights and am finding that the gateway is a total POS so I want to switch it to either a Conbee II or a hue hub. Would there be any issues with this kind of setup that anyone can think of?

I guess it should work fine. The RPi2 is however not that powerful, so don’t expect everything to be super snappy. Depending on your QNAP, I assume it would be faster to leave it on there. Or maybe updgrade to a newer Pi model, they are not that expensive.

The Conbee stick is widely adopted by users here. You’ll be fine!