Will this speaker microphone wotk iwth HA

Will Revolabs FLX UC500 microphone work with HA?

Define “work”.
What are you trying to achieve, with what HA installation type, on what device?

When I understand you correctly, you want to use it for HA Addons like VLC-Player, right? For that under HA OS, it should work out of the box. I personally had no luck with any soundcard and supervised install.

I want to use it with my HA with the Almond and Ada app to add a voice assistant using Raspberry PI 4 so the whole family can use voice commands.
I hope it makes sense as I am new to HA

Almond is dead, long live genie.

how do I install Genie in HA? Could not find it in app store

Thank you, I installed the edge one as well. Is the wake-up command word "Computer?

“Hey Genie” I believe

Many thanks

I have installed a speakerphone that shows up in configuration but get no sound out although shows up in configuration it does not give sound or work. The mic picked up my voice once but now not working.
I am new to HA so any assistant will be grateful

I installed Almond and the voice works, but when I instal Genie I get no voice prompt.
Genie picks up commands from the microphone, but not from the speaker