Win 2 HA = What Lots Of People Have Been Waiting For

I would love to see some type of windows integration; for battery level etc, at the moment I’m using HASS.agent but it uses battery on my surface pro like there’s no tomorrow, and also causes connection issues. I’m disable with back problems, I’ve got 12 aeotec smart plugs for battery chargers when batteries rise or drop to a certain level, as the plugs sockets are exceptionally low for me and causes extreme pain when reaching. I feel the HA team are avoiding Windows OS, but this could move HA to a much higher level, with every OS covered without having to use third party apps.

hass.agent uses mqtt, it won’t cause any connection issues. It also uses less than 35MB of ram, so I’m not sure how it’s using up your battery life.

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The battery life is used up on the constant reporting, which keeps the network and machine awake all the time.
This will be the same regardless what app you use.

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Thanks for reply. The connection issue happens every time I connect power to my Surface Pro, MQTT disconnects, and any settings become unavailable, I’ve contacted MS, and they say it’s an app issue. As for the battery issue, I’ve set HASS.agent to send battery level every 10 minutes, if there was a setting in HASS.agent to only send battery level when power was connected would help, last time I looked HASS.agent was using 49% of battery, the most of any app. The HA mobile app uses hardly any battery, I am interest to know why there is no Windows integration, it’s seems very strange to me.

HA support SNMP.
There are several SNMP agents for windows.

Because you can just use a browser. The mac app is just the iOS app, that’s the only reason it has an app. They are specifically designed for phones. Very few people use HA with windows.

To say very few people use HA with windows, why is there 112k downloads for HASS.agent. I could make excuses to not support HA through Nabu Casa, as there’s other way to connect to HA, but if I use an app, I like to support the developer, so maybe HA could also support there customer that need something different, and as I’m disabled I could use that support a little more, as I can’t spend hours trying to get third party apps to load and work, window is my go to OS for me.

Are there specific sensors on your surface pro which you’d like to monitor?

The battery level would be the main sensor to monitor, so I could turn my aeotec smart plug on/off for the Surface Pro charger, plus, if it’s turned on or off, so I know if the sensor for the battery is working.

Is there a way you can disable all other sensors in Hass agent except for battery to see if it makes a difference?

Try this and see if it works better.

Or this:

Hi Hellis81, Downloaded the app you suggested, but I can’t get it to run. In the log I get this:
29][3][HA]Could not find file ‘C:\Users\HP\Desktop\HA_Self_Contained\ha_logo.ico’.

That’s odd.
Try and download one of the older versions and just grab the icon file.
I usually just update the other files when I update them

Hi Hellis81, got it working, downloaded older version, run it and it updated to new version. doesn’t work locally had to us Nabu Casa which is a shame. so, runs on my main pc and surface pro running windows 11 pro. Thanks for the work on this app.

It’s not my app, it’s @JonatanRek