Wind direction statistic?

Hi I am using a Netatmo Windsensors in my Home Assistent.
I get this great history graph.

But I would like to get a statistic view which showes me the percentage per wind direction of a year for example in a pie chart:

Something like this:

Can this be done in Home Assistent ?

How about this?

I’m only recording the last 10 days, but according to the docs it works with statistics.

Edit: I’ve just extended my chart to a year without breaking it. I only have data since the beginning of April, but half of that is coming from statistics.



thix this should work great.
But I it did not work when I set statistics to true.

I just set hours_to_show: to a high number.

type: custom:windrose-card
title: Wind direction
hours_to_show: 43200
max_width: 400
refresh_interval: 300
windspeed_bar_location: right
windspeed_bar_full: true
entity: sensor.smart_home_weather_station_unknown_06_00_00_07_c7_18_direction
direction_unit: letters
use_statistics: false
direction_compensation: 0
entity: sensor.smart_home_weather_station_unknown_06_00_00_07_c7_18_wind_strength
name: Wind speed
speed_unit: auto
use_statistics: true
output_speed_unit: kph
speed_range_beaufort: true
windrose_draw_north_offset: 0
cardinal_direction_letters: NESW
matching_strategy: direction-first
center_calm_percentage: true

Your code does not match the example shown in the documentation. Specifically, your indentations are off and you’re not using - under windspeed entities.

Here’s the example from the docs. Notice the spaces and -

type: custom:windrose-card
title: Wind direction
  hours_to_show: 24
max_width: 400
windspeed_bar_full: true
  entity: sensor.wind_direction
  - entity: sensor.wind_speed
    name: Average
speed_range_beaufort: false
output_speed_unit: mps
speed_range_step: 5
speed_range_max: 25

oh, this was just an issue with the formating and the pasting

this is how it looks in real: