Wind sensor RS485

Hi everyone!

First of all, I’m not sure if this topic are in the correct place.

I’m looking advice about connect a RS485 wind sensor like this one: through WiFi/Bluetooth or somehow wirelessly to HomenAssistant.

Any advice?



I’d start by reading the ESPhome documentation as that’s the option that comes to mind to bridge RS485 serial to WLAN/BTLE.

Unless you have good electronics and software development skills, just buy a decent weather station with an existing HASS integration. Spending a month developing a custom interface to save £100 only works if you actually enjoy the process!

After developing several weather sensor projects over the years, it takes a long time to build then calibrate devices (e.g driving down a highway with an anemometer out of the sun-roof). Even though I can 3D print a sensor (and have one on the bench…), I’d still buy something like a Davis weather station. At least you can get parts in three years when the bearing fails.

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