WindHager integration

Hi everyone,
I have a windhager connected pellet heater at home, and I started to write a custom integration component to handle it.

Right now I have a bunch of sensors working, and some climate entity with basic control. It’s build for my needs and my installation, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in the world with this brand of heater.

I’m searching for persons interested in testing this component and giving me feedback for their own installation (what is working, what is not, what is missing…)

I will post the code on github at the end of the week (I have some cleanup / comments / log to add before posting it.


I’d love to help, but could not find anything on your GitHub yet. Do you use the ‘Infowin’ API?


I’m writing a custom component too for a Windhager Biowin II Pellet boiler heater. It is based on the myComfort Windhager gateway RC7030 and is working locally (without cloud/api).

We probably could merge our effort to get something working fine!

Here is the client I wrote to interact with the myComfort gateway : myComfortClient

I’ll post my custom component on github soon to integrate it in HA as climate entities…


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As promised, here is the custom component : myComfort

It is really experimental, but I can see my 2 modules (floor and radiator), the DHW and a lots of differents sensors. For now, it only read values, but it should be pretty easy to also write values in future.

If someone want to test it, I would be happy to help him get it working on its installation.

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