Window Zwave sensors which one to get

I’ve just finished adding a new sunroom to my house. The windows aren’t on the existing house alarm system so I’m going to put zwave sensors on them. I got a set of the Aeotec door/window sensors (the triangle things). They are to large to fit the window. So I’ll ask the question. What sensors is everyone else using? I’m interested in the following.

  1. Ease of installation
  2. Ease of pairing with zwave network
  3. Accuracy (low rate of false alarms, accurate when door/window is open).
  4. Size
  5. Battery life (rechargeable would be nice)


I’m have had Telldus 311913 for couple weeks now. They promise 2 year battery life, relatively small device and pairing went without problems. Using aeotec gen 5 stick. I doubt it would give false alarms as long as you have the magnet set correctly. It’s a reed sensor. Only open/close status available, nothing else.

And looks much better than most of them.