Windowed mode for categorical data (or other smoothing for mqtt_room)

I’m setting up some home automation (specifically, light control) to work with room presence. i’ve accomplished this by having a bluetooth-advertising device always on me (a fitness tracker), and stashing a bunch of ESP32s around the house (in some cases more than one in a room, each identifying as the same room name), which have ESPHome code on them to publish bluetooth advertising packets as mqtt_room-compatible messages (“why not use ESPresence?” you cry. First, I don’t much like the way ESPresence has a completely unsecured web-admin panel, and second, two of these devices are doing additional monitoring tasks as well). The ESP32s all work, reporting frequently to MQTT, and are tied together with an mqtt_room sensor platform which converts the blizzard of distance reports into a single convenient “Room Presence” entity for each device to be tracked. This is all well and good, but tying it into lights with automation has run into some problems, because the data’s a bit jumpy, which seems to some extent to be the fickle nature of RSSI as a proxy for distance, in that there will be stray moments of unusually high or low signal strength which make me look to be in a room where I’m not. Throwing a few seconds of "for: " property onto each automation did a little bit to help (at the cost of some latency in response), but I still get the occasional moment when mqtt_room thinks I’m somewhere else for an extended period of time. Is there a way to smooth out the mqtt_room platform’s responsiveness to brief changes, maybe some sort of “sliding-window statistical mode of the last x values” filter to throw onto it? I know about the “filter” integration, but that seems really well-suited to numerical data while what I have here is categorical, I understand any sort of smoothing will have a latency tradeoff, but I’m comfortable with that if it’ll make both my automation more consistent and the entity history windows more consistent (i.e., if I sit in the living room for an hour, it’d be great not to have the ‘livingroom’ chunk of the history striated with bits of ‘kitchen’).

This doesn’t seem to have garnered any interest, but I’d note, for purposes of collecting together similar requests, that this is fundamentally the same feature as requested here and here.