Windows 10 themes

I made themes that mimic the look of Windows 10. There are in total 23 themes, they are the same but the accent color changes. All the colors are lifted directly from W10 and the theme names reflect the actual names of accent colors in W10 color picker.
I also themed custom time picker card and bar card. I’ll try to do HACS as well.

There are some issues for now:

  1. Accent color and tabs with the dark background aren’t very readable with most colors (apart for some bright ones like yellow). An example is the top tabbed bar in Configuration -> Integrations. I’d like to change the tab background but I didn’t find any variable to do so.
  2. Same goes for some search panels - these seem to be inconsistent, e.g. when searching entities, the background is white, while in HACS the background is dark. Actually HACS is the worst offender regarding that dark background, try and you’ll see.
  3. Is there a way to theme file editor? It’s loaded via ingress so that’s probably the reason it ignores theming but it’s horrible.

Here’s the github repo.

Tips and suggestions welcome.

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When I search HACS for Windows 10 nothing shows up.

It says your repository is in the blacklist. Did it get flagged?

There was an issue with the automated tasks. I didn’t actually create the PR for my repo and I didn’t have any time to look at it in the last two weeks. For now please isntall manually and hopefully I get to resolving that issue in coming weeks.

Actually, somebody retriggered the PR and now the repo is in HACS, so it should be searchable there in some time.