Windows 10 - unable to create/load icons folder

Well, this one is weird to me. Since some time I cannot create nor see a folder named “icons” in any folder when accessing Home Assistant using the samba share addon. However, this is not only an issue with the samba addon.

When using the normal Home Assistant web-ui on a windows 10 computer, files located in an icons folder does not load. However, when accessing on a mobile phone, it works perfectly.

To test this I’m using When moving the icons to a folder named anything else than “icons”, the icons loads perfectly, even on Windows 10. When sticking to the default “icons” folder, they don’t load on Windows 10 computers.

This used to work, and creating folders named “icons” normally in Windows 10 works just fine. So I would guess that something has changed in Home Assistant, but it’s really weird.

Running latest Home Assistant (previously Hass.IO) on an Intel NUC.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed?

This seems to still be an issue now. I raised an issue on the GitHub for the card, even though this is a HA issue and not a card issue.

Found the issue. Veto files in SAMBA config.
Refer to
Icons folder won’t show in a Samba connection - Home Assistant OS - Home Assistant Community (