Windows 11 - Virtual Box is crashing after some time

I’ve been running HA in a VM (Oracle Virtualbox) for almost 2 years.
For some reason the VM crashes in unregular intervalls.

Somehow it is related to “rcu_sched self detected stall on CPU”

No idea what that means and how to troubleshoot.

Attached a screenshot (VM not crashed yet, but it won’t be long :slight_smile: ) of the errors I am getting.
Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Might be some hints here : (eg editing the VM and removing useless devices: floppy, optical, sounds, usb)

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I tried that - but the problems remained - somehow I screwed up my Virtualbox installation ?

In order to narrow down the problem, I installed a VMware machine and copied my HA setup across.

So far everything works perfect - keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Quick update on my switch to VMWare:

It works fantastic - USB handover is very slick - I am going to stick with it!

I’ve always used VMware work related, but wanted to give VB a try with HA, never got it stable and encountered plenty cpu stall errors.

Never had any issues once moved to VMware

And what you mean by this:

If you mean you have to enable it manually;
It is possible to mount usb devices on start up, but it involves editing the vmx config file…

Getting my BT dongle to work with virtual box was really hit and miss all the time.
Especially on a reboot of HA it would 8 times out of 10 not work and I had to manually remove the dongle and re-insert, - restart the VM etc. etc.

With VMware, once I plugged the dongle in, it asked me if the dongle should work with the host or with the VM - I confirmed the VM and it has been rock steady ever since.