Windows 11 - Virtual Box is crashing after some time

I’ve been running HA in a VM (Oracle Virtualbox) for almost 2 years.
For some reason the VM crashes in unregular intervalls.

Somehow it is related to “rcu_sched self detected stall on CPU”

No idea what that means and how to troubleshoot.

Attached a screenshot (VM not crashed yet, but it won’t be long :slight_smile: ) of the errors I am getting.
Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Might be some hints here : (eg editing the VM and removing useless devices: floppy, optical, sounds, usb)

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I tried that - but the problems remained - somehow I screwed up my Virtualbox installation ?

In order to narrow down the problem, I installed a VMware machine and copied my HA setup across.

So far everything works perfect - keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile: