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I am looking for information on if i can set up Home Assistant on my windows based computer at home and not using a raspberry pi setup (not much knowledge about that).

I look forward to any support and directions you may have.

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So there is no self install, click and download and install?

Home Assistant was designed to run on a Linux-based machine, not on Windows, so it’s not available as a Windows application that you can “click and download and install”.

To run Home Assistant on a machine running the Windows operating system, you have to create a virtual machine (VM) that’s able to host another operating system. Home Assistant is then installed in this VM. The link I posted above explains the steps involved.

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so pretty much i should look into a raspberry pi.

What makes you say that?

Given the absence of Pi’s on the market, a small form factor PC (plenty of them on the refurbished market) is maybe even the better option. Faster for the same money and directly available.