Wink configuration help

I had first start configuring my wink in the developer part, by using a outside address that is setup with SSL. I then changed my application to use my local IP of my hass box. The configure button in HA still shows the website address that i first used. I’ve deleted the wink.conf file when home assistant was stopped, but it keeps coming back with the same address. How do i get the initial setup to change.

Stop HA before you delete the .wink.conf file. You can’t delete the file while HA is running. Restart HA and then try running through the setup in incognito mode.

I stopped HA, deleted conf file, I even removed “wink:” in configuration.yaml file. log into HA using inconito mode wink configurator shows up with old address and conf file does to. I’ve tried not changin config file also, still shows the website address.

Ok, i played around a bit and it’s working now. I deleted the “.wink.conf” when HA was stopped. Then started HA, went to incognito mode. logged into HA, the wink configurator showed old external address clicked on it. changed the address in my address bar to my local IP, then got a login page. Entered my creds, then it showed a page saying link not authorized, again changed the address from website to local IP up top. Got black letters saying your wink is good to go.

Hopefully everything continues to work.

What i don’t understand is way was wink coming back in HA when it wasn’t even in my “configuration.yaml” file.

Sorry about that I was confused originally about the issue. So the configurator always shows the outside address but I am not sure why. Sometimes it will work, it depends on your network (routing) setup. The only reason I can think that Wink still showed up when you didn’t have it in your config is that you must have had discovery in your config? Wink can be auto discovered on your network.