Wink Gen 1 vs GoControl ZHA USB

I currently have a Wink Gen 1 hub that only has zigbee lights and with all the issues and lack of development with Wink I bought a GoControl ZHA usb. I was going to run the concurrently and only switch over a few devices for testing but it looks like you can’t have both running at the same time.

So my question, is it worth it to switch to the GoControl (or another device) from Wink?


Not sure why you can run them at the same time? Shouldn’t be an issue.

However the gocontrol setup is going to be much much quicker and you won’t have the cloud dependency anymore.

The issue I had could have been a coincidince but I’ve never had all lights in the Wink go offline at the same time like that before. I didn’t think it would have been an issue either.

I think I’m going to move to the GoControl, but I read a few posts about different issues it had with lights dropping off, etc and it had be a little worried. I have to keep the Wife Approval Factor as high as possible.

I would say the WAF has increased since moving to ZHA. I occasionally get a light that drops off, but isn’t any more frequent than when I was using the v1 hub.

I’ve been trying to find an easier solution to migrate to the GoControl, is there an easier way to migrate than to factor reset all the zwave devices and include them on the controller?

From what I can tell you can’t have both the Aeotec and the GoControl at the same time. I tried to migrate everything over to the GoControl but I haven’t had any luck

I have both of those devices connected to my HA machine right now and they are playing together just fine. I use one for zigbee and the other for zwave.

But if you’re saying that you can’t use both of the in HA itself then yes, that’s true. You have to pick one or the other for your zwave network.

Turns out it was a driver issue. I had to install the necessary USB drivers for Synology to see the device.

After the drivers were installed, server rebooted can now see the unpaired zha devices.