Wink Hub/Devices not showing up

Installed for the first time, previous user of just HA about 1.5 years ago and then stopped using it.

After installing it detected 2 wemo switches and a TV and that is all. My house also has a Chamberlain MyQ, and a Wink Hub with about 6 devices on it. I’ve read that when I log into a wink configurator is supposed to come up, but it doesn’t. I read that you can delete .wink.conf which I did and nothing has shown up.

I already have a developer key for wink from running HA, but I don’t see anywhere to put that. I tried putting clientid/secret in .wink.conf and still nothing showed up.

The configurator doesn’t show up automatically in the new lovelace UI you either need to add it or go back to the old UI to set it up 192.168.x.x/states will load the old states UI.

Can you please elaborate on where/how to do this? I’m not sure what to add to which file.


I believe it comes us as a persistent notification. So you need to edit your lovelace (click on the three dots in the top right corner) and then configure the UI. Add an entities card and search for persistent in the entities list and add it.