WINK integration with hass-io IP change

I have a existing Wink hub and integration that was working for over 6 months. However, I have remapped my internal IP addresses recently. I realized after the change, that my original Wink URI-redirect was pointing to the older 192 IP. Should I go back to to change my existing URI redirect or adding a new app with the newer redirect be a better solution. I understand that I will have to update my tokens if I use the 2nd method!

I am seeing some issues recently with “Wink” devices not being shown correctly in home-assistant anymore. Could that be related to the incorrect (old) callback URL?


No, that callback only effects the initial setup. If you are having issues its most likely from Winks API being flaky.

If you setup wink from the start aging you can just change the uri no need to create a new one.