WINK Setup Questions

I’m still experimenting with HA vs OpenHab, and like the that HA supports a WINK Hub as it does make setup potentially a little easier. But a few questions on the setup.

I emailed WINK and received my API client_id and cleint_secret keys. And HA wink info wants you to add your add access token. I assume that is your client_secret info?

And also,was curious if after setup if this be local control direct to the Hub, vs the setup needing an actual internet connection.


Can’t answer the client_id / client_secret key issue I don’t have a wink, however, as for whether or not HA talks directly to wink, the answer is no. The notes section of the Home Assistant Wink page says the following:

The Wink hub can only be accessed via the cloud. This means it requires an active internet connection and you will experience delays when controlling devices (~3s) and getting an updated device state (~15s).

Sadly, these are the downfalls of relying on crappy hubs made by big companies that rely on their servers. All of these hubs are basically dumb terminals that have to send every command up to the cloud before it is processed. This is the reason I switched from Samsung SmartThings to Home Assistant, because when the rain knocked out our internet, we couldn’t even turn on a light and our home alarm system was thus offline. So, in bad weather, anyone could have broken into my house. Now I refuse to integrate any devices or hubs into my home automation network that rely on some proprietary cloud connection as they are unreliable, slow, delayed and bring the quality of the rest of my system down to sub par levels.

Thankfully we use Z-wave devices in our home automation network, so we just bought a USB Z-wave dongle for our raspberry pi and all of our existing devices (door/window sensors, electronic door locks, light switches, etc) were back online in not time at all. So I really feel bad for those of you that have invested a lot of money in Zigbee and other protocols where the only hubs to control them are cloud based. Its tough when you have no other option than to integrate your old hub into home assistant, but thats the nature of the beast.

HA Doesnt use Wink ID and Secret. Go to the HA wink page and it will get you a token.


Go to this page:

There’s a form there that asks for your Wink login credentials and it will generate the tokens you need for your configuration.yaml. Be aware that you will have to update these from time to time so it’s a good idea to bookmark it.

Thanks for the replies guys,

I also am primarily a homegrown ZWave guy but like playing around with different hardware, experimenting and learning. And as I am struggling to get the zwave setup on a Ubuntu server thought I would pull the Wink Hub off the shelf and give it a shot.

Does anyone know if there is VMWare Image or other that is preconfigured with HA and Zwave? I think I saw something about an image for the Raspberry somewhere but not other systems and I run all my home server stuff on an ESXi server.

But in case you missed it, the Wink Hub does now support local control. I test it last week as well, unplugging from the web and could still control things with the Hub and and their app in the home with no internet access.

Also, Wink has a Version 2 of their API with the Client ID, Secret Key, so not sure if the Auth Token is for original API. And I’m sorta hesitant to blindly enter my WINK user email and password into the userform on the HA Wink info page without having any idea as to who it is being submitted to. Thus, why I went to Wink directly to get the API 2 info.

Not sure if you are still interested in Wink or not, but oath2 support was added a couple releases ago so no more need for a token!

what is oath2? I am trying to get my wink hub configured in homeassistant with no joy; What is the proper way of setting this configuration up now



All info is here:

Full oath authentication requires you to contact Wink support and get an API client id and secret.